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Ravi Saund

Founding Director

“Perfection consists in not doing extraordinary things, but in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”
– Angelique Arnauld

These words have defined the career path of Mr. Ravi Saund and enriched his experiences in the real estate sector. After almost 25 years in providing homes to thousands of families, Mr. Ravi Saund launched his dream project Emperium Realty Pvt. Ltd. His impeccable knowledge of market dynamics, a foresight regarding customer expectations, and persistence in striving for perfection, together have helped him launch various projects successfully with market stalwarts like Ansal API, SARE, CHD Developers Ltd, and JMS Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. . Mr. Ravi Saund’s educational journey includes a Management program from Harvard business School (Boston), an MBA from Sydenham Institute of management and research (Mumbai) and schooling from The Scindia School (Gwalior).

Hardeep Singh

Founding Director

Mr. Market Pulse Recogniser-Hardeep Singh has had this nickname ever since he started working in the Real Estate Industry 15 years ago.
His acute sense of business acumen is derived from being born into a third-generation entrepreneur business family.
His market insight, sense of dedication and futuristic vision have been the driving force behind Emperium Realty Pvt. Ltd. His hands-on approach and personal philosophy for delivering high quality whilst providing maximum value to customers are the principles that guide his business ventures. An innovator by nature, Mr. Hardeep Singh, is a hands-on man who believes his commitments to his customers and shareholders must be fulfilled to exceed their expectations.
With an uncanny ability to identify market needs, he actively manages the research and development activities of the group himself.


Vikas Goel

Founding Director

Mr. Vikas Goel is the knowledgeable and experienced hand behind Emperium Realty Pvt. Ltd.. A 1st generation entrepreneur, he has his interest in many business models. Successfully running various companies in the field of industrial gases, textiles and solar led Lights, he finally realised that his true calling came by the name of Emperium Realty Pvt. Ltd.. His experience of 27 years in various fields make him a major asset in launching the real estate project. An educated MBA, he manages the acquisition and allocation of resources for the project at hand.

Noorjahan Saund

Founding Director

Mrs. Noorjahan Saund has the insight and the experience to handle the marketing aspects of the project she undertakes. A creative freelancer in the field of Photography by profession, she brings the Yin to the Yangs of Emperium Reality Pvt. Ltd.. A software designer by education, coupled with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, along with a Masters degree in English Literature is a minuscule part of her learning cosmos.
Noorjahan’s knowledge, skills and understanding of a range of assessment and behavioural management strategies make a positive impact on understanding end user aspirations and expectations.


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